Top 10 Cities for Street Food

This top 10 list is based on the quality of the food and the variety of street vendors.

Image via Bunac

Image via Bunac

And the #1 city for street food is...

#1 Portland, Oregon

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Story source Bunac

Top 10 Cities for Pizza

TripAdvisor based this list off of millions of reviews from its site.

Image via Eating Out

Image via Eating Out

And the #1 city for pizza is...

#1 Chicago, Illinois

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The Top 5 States that Drink the Most Soda

This list is based on data from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

Image via Zack Cameron on Flikr

Image via Zack Cameron on Flikr

And the #1 state for soda drinking is...

#1 Mississippi

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Which US City Drinks the Most Coffee?

Are you in the coffee business or just obsessed with coffee? Find out which US city is the biggest coffee fan!

Image via (Photo: Pintrest)

Image via (Photo: Pintrest)

#1 Portland, Maine!

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