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MarketMAPS - America's Leading Source of Business Maps

MarketMAPS Publishes the Largest Selection of Maps for business, education, & the home. MarketMAPS publishes over 30,000 maps for every state, county, & city in the USA, as well as over 280 countries & 600 foreign cities. MarketMAPS produces wall maps, map books, digital maps, & atlases for each of these areas. Used by nearly 100% of the Fortune 500, MarketMAPS provides you with maps On Target, On Time; you get the maps you need, when you need them.


  • 28 years serving businesses, large and small.
  • A national company, with clients in every state
  • Direct mail, delivery, retail, financial, transportation, real estate, insurance, military and government agencies are among their 23,000 clients each year, including nearly 100% of the FORTUNE 500.
  • Organization of 30+ people representing a cross-spectrum of specialized areas such as marketing, tele-sales, graphic design, software development, and GIS.


We Offer the Highest Quality, Most Accurate geographies & demographic databases. Every month, MarketMAPS updates its postal data & geographies, including ZIP Codes & carries routes. Postal geographies are created to the USPS CASS Certification standard.

We Also Create Custom Maps. Clients specify their maps, indicating the area to be covered, the details to be displayed, & the style to be used. They add locations, demographics, & sales data, as well as other information to make their map exactly what they need.

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MarketMAPS is a division of Intelligent Direct, Inc. MarketMAPS also offers support through a family of web sites, including and